ASWA Consultancy

We have more than 15 years experience in aviation sector (airline maangement and airport planning) and smart city development with its experienced consultants who have worked for many years in related sectors.

ASWA Investment

Our Group has been focusing on investing in construction, energy, technology, automative and modern agriculture sectors mainly in Turkey, Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East.

ASWA Global Trade

Our expertise is sourcing products like medical equipments, personel protection equioments, fertilizer, chemical goods, food & beverages and services in worldwide for export and import.

ASWA E-Commerce

We offer personal protective equipment, safety equipment, medical products etc to our customers in wholesale and retail with our e-commerce platforms (, that we have put into operation.

ASWA Consultancy

* Airport Development
* Airline Management
* Smart City Development
* Market Intelligence
* Traffic Engineering
* Transportation System

ASWA Investment

* Construction (Infrastructure & Superstructure)
* Energy
* Technology
* Automotive
* Medical
* Agriculture

ASWA Global Trade

* Wheat and Grains
* Food Products
* Textile Products
* Petroleum Products
* Fertilizer
* Chemical Goods

ASWA E-Commerce

* Personal Protective Equipment
* Occupational Health and Safety Products
* Medical Materials
* OTC and Cosmetic Products
* Test and Measurement Devices
* Medical Tests and Kits